Join us on the 30th of November for Mary Emme’s EP launch

Mary Emme makes a highly anticipated return to the original music scene, bringing a fresh wave of creativity after a significant break. Throughout her hiatus, she kept her musical spark alive through covers and collaborations, but her true desire was always to create her own original songs.

Now, on the brink of unveiling her latest collection of songs, Mary Emme offers an authentic glimpse into her personal experiences from recent years. With her soulful voice and emotionally resonant lyrics, she delivers a captivating and powerful listening experience.

Join us on Thursday, November 30th, at Night Owl Studio for Mary Emme’s EP launch and delve into the stories that inspire her songs. Settle into an inviting atmosphere, letting the music offer a unique insight into her artistic expression

Please see the ticket release dates below:

$24.99 – Early Bird

Oct 23 to Nov 5 (2 weeks)


$29.99 – 1st Release

Nov 6 to 19 (2 weeks)


$33 – 2nd release **with music download link**

Nov 20 to Nov 29 (9 days) 


$35  – Door **with music download link**