saddle fit technology The 2382 Drover Flex2 hardseat trail saddle combines a distinctly "cowboy" look with Flex2 technology. e. Client Registration. Each individual saddle has a generous footprint with edges that gradually taper for a seamless and gentle transition of weight. HOW DOES IT WORK? With its 768 pressure sensors, the DSD accurately measures the width of your sit bones, with sub-millimeter precision. An adjustable saddle can be changed to accommodate the horse’s conformation as the horse matures, and that saddle is a worthwhile investment. She brings years of retail experience as a vice president for Barneys New York to DTech’s interdisciplinary projects, and helps to guide the discovery of how technology will shape the future of the fashion value chain. Ron holds many patents for his saddle technology, including the advanced flexible tree on his Pegasus jumping and dressage saddles. Proprietary ReactorPanel technology was developed using computerized pressure testing. Optimal saddle fit Selected Wintec Saddles feature all the benefits of Horse and Rider Technology we call this HART. A steel frame is fixed to wood, to bear the screws and tacks that hold together a saddle. shoulder vs. The StrideFree ® tree has been tested for strength and comfort, check out the results! If the “best fit” for a particular saddle is still causing discomfort to the horse, there are just four possible solutions: 1. In 2011 we expanded the selection of active saddles to at least one active version for every application area. Each model combines ideal fit and balance and incorporates age old traditions of master saddle makers while using the modern technology of today. In fact, no other saddle pad is created like the Six Point Saddle Pad. The technology that makes up HART has been proven to be transformative for both horse and rider: Protective cushioning: CAIR Cushion System; Precision custom fit: EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution Our mobile, computerized saddle fitting system has been developed to review the fit of your saddle and give horse owners and riders an accurate record of how a saddle fits their horse. Change saddles and see if a better fit is possible (unlikely) 2. A properly fitted saddle is imperative, regardless of discipline. And with optional Wither Freedom Technology, saddle-fit will be at an all time high. Separate yourself from other fitters in your market. Off-the-rack bike seats fit just a handful of people. He describes fitting hunter/jumper, dressage, western, and endurance saddles. SmartRide Rx ™: A Saddle as Therapy. A poorly fitting saddle can hinder the horse’s ability to perform well. Saddle fitting can be a real minefield. As an example, The Professional’s Choice® new and improved SMx Air Ride Saddle Pads have more energy absorption and greater suppleness. We do recommend the advice of a professional saddle fitter however it is a system that you can use yourself to achieve bearing, balance, and clearance for your horse's comfort. 7 lbs] fully mounted, with the ability to withstand the rigors of long term usage. Wool is soft and pliable, which makes it easy to conform to your horse’s back and protect against uneven pressures that are the source of back soreness. 1K likes. Voltaire Design custom saddles. You can adjust the shape of BiSaddle to custom fit your body and riding style. has utilized the latest in space age technology and proven existing technology to bring you the ultimate in equine comfort! Saddle Profile: Open / Waved; Use: Road / Off Road; XSILITE RAILS. Have a custom saddle maker fit and make a saddletree to fit the horse. 1 to the humble DXA250. This describes the theory behind Strada Saddles fitting system that truly works and is a proven advancement from traditional methods. You can also choose from plastic, copper, and iron saddle fitting, as well as from female, welding, and male saddle fitting, and whether saddle fitting is scoc, csa, or epa. New Saddle Technology Science and technology have brought about some amazing advances in all areas of life, and saddles are no different. Saddle Fitting Shims Saddle fitting shims for English and Western saddle pads. Pressure points will be clearly visible. We are able to get instant feedback on how the body interacts with changes in bike fit. And when you combine this technology with our extremely lightweight S-Works Power saddle, with its flexed-tuned FACT carbon shell and ultra-light rails, you get a high-performance saddle that's designed to help you perform at your best. What completely differentiates this saddle fitting program from all others is not only the revolutionary 3D saddle measurement Mk 7 Gauge, but additionally, this Kickstarter campaign permits the “Fourth Dimension” – the “computer saddle interface pressure measurement system” to be rented directly to the saddle consumer’s equine veterinarian. If the saddle does not fit correctly, the horse is constrained in its movements and may develop painful pressure marks. Multiple rings and strings to tie your gear. In general, horses with a wider build need wider trees or bars. Breeches. Infrared thermography is a useful tool in the evaluation of saddle fit. Absolutely - the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution (Gullet System and Riser System) will enable you to make changes within your saddle panel. High accuracy pressure gauge Get the perfect balance. The unique wool blend allows air between the pad and horse, improving circulation. Push-fit fittings are a great way to make pipe connections without having to solder or use clamps, unions, or glue. Technology’s role in saddle fitting Jochen Schleese, CMS, CSFT, CSE - September 9, 2015 Many tools have been developed to assist in the diagnosis of saddle fit and technology has helped make the process more accurate than ever. This rubber surface treatment provides traction to the top of the saddle, but is also claimed to increase comfort and airflow . As a rough guide, there should be a minimum of about 3. PROVEN FIT IN MOTION There is no component more personal than the saddle. A special Easy-Change tool and a Phillips head screwdriver are the only tools required. Five technologically advanced layers provide you with maximum comfort, stability and enhance your riding experience by connecting horse and rider in complete harmony. Another respected saddle maker is Larry Duggan of Canyon, Texas. Some English saddles come with interchangeable gullets and adjustable trees. Sizing for the Rider. Supporting more than 400 manufacturers with modular ERP systems embedded with advanced analytics, fitfactory is intelligent way to make your factory fit. One of the core points of saddle fitting is that the saddle itself reflects the shape of the horses’ topline so that the saddle fits the horse accurately and allows for the weight to be carried in the correct area. . BIKE FIT Premium Fit Footbeds Saddle Because Kids' Feet Grow: Kids outgrow their boots, but Ariat's Wiggle Room technology utilizes the removable Booster Bed™ footbed to adjust the boot's internal volume to fit growing feet. With the Easy-Change™ Fit Solution, a saddle will fit a range of horses. It does not interfere or correct saddle fit or correct conformational issues. The press-fit technology utilises press-fit pins to establish the module contacts to the printed circuit board. Settle in and get comfy with comfort bike saddles that offer confidence and support for recreational cyclists who prefer an upright riding position. All too often, traditional saddles are more narrow in the front than the horse’s body even before it moves. This puts more weight on your sit bones. Our wide range of saddles are designed for both men and women, catering for a plethora of disciplines, from road to mountain biking and triathlon. Saddle Fitting and Thermography In these two images Thermography is used to identify back inflammation and issues with saddle fit. Chips-on-board technology Glowing commuter lights. Our shims are made of shock absorbing pressure distributing ThinLine foam. It's been given durable Cr-Mo rails, a carbon-reinforced shell, and a women's-specific Body Geometry shape that provides ample support while also reducing soft tissue pressure. Select the correct saddle, the first time. When fitting, do not use a saddle pad. My Lusitania didn’t flinch an ear as the girth was tighten. We no longer guess how a client’s body responds to a fit, therefore, the client and bike fitter have more confidence in the bike fit changes. Not all “flex” saddles are the same and has become a generic term in our industry. Check the Gullet; If the saddle is new and wool-stuffed, you should be able to fit three or four fingers between the pommel of the saddle and your horse’s withers. Unless you have someone Many tools have been developed to assist in the diagnosis of saddle fit and technology has helped make the process more accurate than ever. See Also Podcast , Stories With Stübben Custom, a Stübben Certified Master Saddle Fitter will visit with you and take specific measurements that will ensure a proper fit for you and your horse. The Bates Kimberley provides instantaneous comfort for you in the saddle all day with poley knee pads that mould to your leg, a tradition Perfect saddle =/= perfect fit. Having your saddle at the proper height is critical for comfort, but if you notice soft tissue pain where your body meets your saddle, chances are your saddle is not the right fit for your anatomy. The speed of making a connection with push-fit fittings is perhaps the biggest advantage. When placed on a horses' back, they demonstrate signs of physical relaxation -- quieting of movement, blinking of eyes, stretching the jaw, sometimes the whole body. Nunn Finer Saddle Fitting Curve. A new organization, the Master Saddlers Assocation (MSA) was started this year by Gene Freeze of County Saddlery in Woodbine, Maryland. Specialized 3D printed Mirror saddle tech explained The name “Mirror” stems from the tech’s ability to reflect a rider’s anatomy to improve performance, increase comfort, and reduce the chance of injury. The patented adjustable 3-D fitting system developed by David Kaden has greatly improved saddle fit. Add me to your e-newsletter list. The open shim pocket makes the best correction western saddle pad for comfort and fit. The technology that makes up HART has been proven to be transformative for both horse and rider: Protective cushioning: CAIR Cushion System; Precision custom fit: EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution Retül stands for being the most technically advanced bike fitting and product matching technology available on the market. Virtual fit technology and use has seen exponential growth amid the accelerated change and fresh desire for solutions lately. Set the saddle height so that your heel just skims over the pedal with your leg straight. Protect you and your horse’s back with the shock absorption only ThinLine pads can offer. The saddle can be fit 24/7 anytime, anywhere. The Freeform Saddles are available in seat size 15” – 19” [English saddle seat sizing]. Delivery and Returns - Please see our Customer Service Page A saddle, regardless of type, must fit both horse and rider. Ill fitting saddles will DEFORM a horse’s back to the shape of the saddle they are forced to wear! Many people think dipped in/distinct withers is a sign of “good/high withers” or there is some “Thoroughbred” in them and that “they will hold a saddle well” where in fact the majority of the time they have a damaged UNHEALTHY back! Pressure Mat Technology for Saddle Fit and Horse Training While researchers have used pressure mats for years to visualize the kinds of pressures occurring between a horse’s back and a rider’s Technology & Saddle fit; Circle of influence; Equine musculoskeletal structures; Negative reflex points as related to saddle fitting; Asymmetry in horses; Growth stages and development; The saddle support area; Physical damage caused by poor saddle fit – Horse & rider; Postural changes caused by poor saddle fit; Behavioral changes caused by Discover what is possible in a saddle with the power to transform your position your horse’s freedom of movement your connection adjustability over time. Saddle Fitting Shims Saddle fitting shims for English and Western saddle pads. Use this tool to get the best fit for your horse and ensure maximum performance, safety and comfort. ” “As a rider myself, seeing the images made … It’s practically impossible to choose the wrong saddle with the idmatch system. The perfect saddle for you and your horse are not X Brand or Y Brand, nor is it XX years old or XX years new, or a certain color, or a certain price tag. To make saddle tilt adjustments, simply loosen the saddle binder bolt and adjust as needed. This new computer technology provides color imaging of the saddle area, highlighting contact and pressure points. Read on to learn more about SQlab's Ergowave® technology. S-WORKS POWER WITH MIRROR. Saddle fitting is an art and in ideal circumstances is performed by a professional saddlemaker or saddle fitter. Whether you are adjusting a gullet plate or flocking the panels, there is no need to send your saddle away. Custom-made saddles designed for an individual horse and rider will fit the best, but are also the most expensive. Hypoallergenic 3-Dimensional Spacer fabric provides exit paths for moisture and stale air, promoting faster sweat evaporation and maximum breathability. You’re in safe hands in a saddle with Horse and Rider Technology (HART)! HART is available in Arena Saddles, Bates Saddles, and Wintec Saddles. Benefits of Push-Fit Fittings . Treeless Saddle Pad Treeless Saddle Pads with support, shock absorption and ability to shim. Complete Satisfaction. If you don't love it, we'll take it back. We perform a physical assessment, and use saddle pressure mapping and high speed video to optimize the rider. 4. Saddle pads are made from either natural or synthetic fibers. With over 15 years in the industry, owner Importance of Saddle Fit Saddle Tree Fit on Horses Take a look as we set our trees on a few different horses backs. Applying engineering methods to that data led directly to the invention and development of Living Bar® Technology. Saddle Technology Accompanied by new graphics, WTB now offers a complete line of saddles covering a full range of widths and padding thicknesses. Discover our range adapted to each equestrian discipline: show jumping, dressage, cross country Shop handcrafted minimal, zero-drop leather shoes made in the USA at Softstar Shoes. Dynamic Fit. the saddle did not fit as well. Note: This technology is becoming available in 2020 and TN Saddlery will utilize it for seamless integration between your horse and potential saddles far beyond Tennessee Saddlery saddles. Treeless Saddle Pad Treeless Saddle Pads with support, shock absorption and ability to shim. , Feb. Based on your individual biometrics and riding position, we calculate your sit bone measurement and match it to our complete range of saddles. 5" or 2 fingers' width) clearance. ThinLine English Saddle Pads endorsed by Master Saddlers, Veterinarians, and Surgeons for rider and horses’ back health. Our saddles are changing the standard of fit and comfort Computerized Saddle Pressure Testing. In the fall of 2010 we introduced the SQlab active saddle technology with the 611 active MTB saddle. Fit Werx was a start-up at the time and I never got back to that project. Saddles are sized using different components—the gullet/tree, seat size, and flap length. The following conditions must be met to ensure optimal saddle fitting: If the saddle is not level, try adjusting it by using shims, sliding it forward or back to raise or lower the front, or trying different rigging positions. As the West Coast Distributor for the famous Irish Bua Saddles, I am now in a position to offer horse and riders this amazing technology to help with improved and more comfortable fit for both horse and rider alike. https://pak. He tells us how to fit hunter/jumper, dressage, and western saddles. We offer high quality leather shoes for all of your life's adventures. If the “best fit” for a particular saddle is still causing discomfort to the horse, there are just four possible solutions: 1. The Horse Shape Laser is a wonderful addition to Schleese`s `toolbox` of innovative measuring tools, including its Arc Device™ and SaddleSizer™ This new technology is exciting, as Schleese can now complement its Saddlefit 4 Life® saddle fitting techniques with cutting edge technology. The correct width saddle is a prerequisite for maximum performance. "Gebiomized saddle and foot pressure sensors have been a game changer for our bike fits and cycling analysis. As a result, the pad locks in place on the horses back, allowing full movement. English Saddle Sizing. For maximum spans of pipelines using saddles use Standard Engineering Practice. yield strength. Get big discounts with 15 Total Saddle Fit coupons for March 2021, including 0 promo codes & deals. Freeze is the only person in the United States registered as a saddle fitter by England's Society of Master Saddlers (SMS). Welcome. Thera-Tree® Thera-Tree® is a therapeutic and performance enhancing device based on Smart Ride Rx saddle tree technology from Tad Coffin Performance Saddles. The gel bladder is shaped and placed strategically to fit the placement of the saddle. These technologies include expansion rings, continuous vertical support columns, pedestal supports, downcomer adapters, and innovative mass transfer equipment designs that can minimize or eliminate • Low Saddle: If your saddle is low, you will try to get more leg extension by pushing further back on the saddle. This 20lbs density foam absorbs over 90% of the impact for both horse and rider, It is a great choice for English saddles, close-fitting saddles, and round barreled, mutton withered horses. Bicycle saddle fit [03] Saddle shape; Bicycle saddle fit [04] Measuring sit bone width; Bicycle saddle fit [05] Optimal saddle width; For a concrete model recommendation, if it is of any help (though saddle choice is very subjective), these have served me very well over the years (using Amazon affiliate links): An excellent MTB saddle is Selle A Saddle Fitting Curve is a flexible 17" long device to measure a horse's withers for proper saddle tree fitting After getting an accurate wither tracing, place onto cardboard and cut out the pattern to bring with you when you go saddle shopping. As a horse develops their body changes. A byproduct of years of medical product development for wheelchair users, the Equestrics ® sensor is the product of extensive scientific research coupled with the latest technology in surface pressure mapping and Taking it up a gear, saddle pressure mapping is often available as part of a bike fit, and an expert will be able to where you’re placing pressure and thus which saddles may help to alleviate this. WILMINGTON, Del. The directions on evaluating saddle fit will explain the basics on how to tell if the tree size is correct for your horse. Our normal "Fit With Pressure" is $399, but this special service is only $175. No more “narrow, medium, or wide,” or any other types of approximate measurements. Finding the perfect saddle. Get pricing and availability for Fastener Innovation Technology (FIT) products online. I believe the innovative technology between the sternum placed elastic and soft hugging of the neoprene is a winner! Will be buying one for my trainer! I ordered a 28 and it fits my horse as a 28. Allows boots to adjust to fit growing feet. Her personal mission is to lift the veil that shrouds saddle fitting in myth and mystery by promoting greater understanding of the design technology that underlies correct saddle fit. Cageless bottle system think outside the cage. It is a material with a high percentage of silicon with particles of titanium and carbon. The process through the stealth technology ensures a better strength against fatigue stress. This will allow the room needed for the saddle to settle and conform to your horse. Total Saddle Fit also offers a 110% Money Back Promise – if you are not satisfied with the Six Point Saddle Pad for ANY reason, send it back within 30 days for a 110% refund. This improved technology has led to superior performance by horses worldwide. Select the correct saddle, the first time. I can attest from personal experience under the educational aegis of the Society of Master Saddlers in the UK, that the world’s best saddle makers, the top experts in remedial saddle fitting, veterinarians who are genuinely knowledgeable about the design technology of saddles from decades of collaboration in this endeavor, and the collective Saddle designer Ron Friedson provides in-depth analysis of the art and science of saddle fit for both the horse and the rider. If you’re constantly fidgeting in the saddle, if you can’t find a comfortable hand position, or if what feels OK in the first hour of a ride doesn’t feel good in the third, a bike fit can help. This is only made possible by the special designs of our flexing trees & our panels that eliminate pressure from the horse's riding experience . He told me he built a saddle to fit an average horse, but when the "average" horse gained 150 lbs. If you would like to learn more about gebioMized saddle pressure technology, please call 480-699-5358 and ask for Barry or Claudia. By the press-in process a plastic deformation of the pin results, ensuring a gas-tight contact with low-ohmic resistance. 1, Kicker’s Failsafe Integration Technology (FIT™) has made itself a staple in stress free amplifier installations. The innovative method involves taking the rider’s functional and anthropometric measurements to identify their ideal saddle. , saddle and handlebar position) and on a variety of saddles so that we can find a saddle and bike fit position that’s tailored to your body. All your horse to perform to their best. The original air-sprung saddle Experience riding on air. Place the pedal at the 6 o'clock position before placing your heel on the pedal. But the all-new Women’s Power Saddle with MIMIC technology makes numbness and pain disappear with a design that mimics the body’s response to different types of pressure to create equilibrium within soft tissue. 3D printed in titanium Technology behind the ALM saddle. These membranes are filled with a high-tech, shock absorbing material in the seat which alleviates pressure to the rider’s seat bones. The basic principle is the bigger latitude of the press-in zone than of the PCB hole. With the options for shims for ideal saddle fit. It is wireless and works up to about 300 meters. Specialized's Ruby Comp saddle was designed around our Adaptive Edge base construction technology that allows the saddle's outer edge to adapt to the shape of the body. Not all shops have a Saddle Changer , so you’ll need to ask for it or find another bike shop that does. It offers tremendous natural shock absorption as well as many years of durable protection for the saddle. The 100% Virgin Wool Skirt Lining has gone through a chemical carbonization process to eliminate impurities. BEFORE & AFTER. PROVEN FIT IN MOTION There is no component more personal than the saddle. Gullet: Also known as saddle width or tree size, sizes are narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide. horse/2XXcESeDoes your saddle fit your horse? Where do you start to figure out if it does or doesn't? We asked professional saddle fitter and mem Only a saddle with a perfect fit warrants that the horse can move optimally and perform at its best. In so many areas of our modern world, technology is being developed to improve the accuracy and speed of equipment and tasks. X-Technology has enabled Prestige to deliver unparalleled closeness between horse and rider by embedding elastic membranes into the saddle tree. If you would like to learn more about gebioMized saddle pressure technology, please call 480-699-5358 and ask for Barry or Claudia. A computerized saddle pad consisting of a thin cloth with built in pressure sensors is placed underneath the saddle with any pad combination desired. They do fit a broader range of horses. Available widths: 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 cm. Thermal Imaging technology is excellent for use in Saddle Fit evaluations because we can quickly and accurately show the contact pattern of your saddle—areas where it is in greatest contact with your horse’s back, and if there are any areas exerting uneven pressure. Our shims are made of shock absorbing pressure distributing ThinLine foam. When the rider starts pedalling, he or she exerts different pressure points on the saddle Sizing and Fitting. Larry specializes in steer roping saddles. All of our saddles are custom handcrafted of the finest American and English leather available. The conventional rules of saddle fitting can help spotlight problems with fit, but their practical use in identifying solutions is quite limited. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Future-Fit Alliance, a global community of thought leaders and digital transformation experts, today unveiled the Future-Fit Manifesto, a The saddles have HART Technology, which claim to be transformative for horse and rider using protective cushioning, which is the CAIR Cushion System. Particle Flow technology further disperses pressure at the saddle/sit bones contact points, offering the ultimate in support, compliance and comfort. We’ve combined over 20 years of Body Geometry experience with Retül, the world’s largest database of rider fit, and bleeding-edge material science to create the greatest combination of performance and comfort ever seen in a saddle—S-Works Power with Mirror. Ranging from the industry leading Kicker KX2400. These days one in every two SQlab saddles sold is equipped with our active technology. Competitive Pricing. The SMx Air Ride core absorbs shock and improves saddle fit for ultimate equine comfort. From front to back, the saddle tree is often shaped to fit the sloping downward curve of the horse’s standing posture. The open shim pocket makes the best correction western saddle pad for comfort and fit. Ecogold’s complete line of saddle pads and half pads can help solve saddle fit, reduce a horse’s back discomfort and allow free shoulder and back motion for peak performance of your horse. 5. Discs come in three thicknesses and three densities. We use pressure mapping technology to visualize pressure points on the saddle surface. Determine appropriate saddle widths. 1/4” Poron XRD molecular impact technology. And the saddles have the easy change fit (gullet) system, and they have an elastiflex tree, as well as promoting free movement with a performance panel technology and also something called comfort Particle Flow technology further disperses pressure at the saddle/sit bones contact points, offering the ultimate in support, compliance and comfort. The first time you alter your saddle may take you fifteen minutes but, as you become more practised, adjustments will become faster and easier. (can be expensive) 3. Riding an off-the-rack bike saddle is like wearing shoes that are too small or pants that are too tight. This girth not only expands but flexs as well as provides an extremely secure saddle fit. Giant performance saddles use our unique Dynamic Cycling Fit to help eliminate sit bone pain, allowing you to ride your bike longer distances and in more comfort, no matter what your riding discipline or style. The GP Bike Measurement System allows us to analyse saddle pressure distribution in different fit positions (i. The Six Point Sheepskin Half Pad with Wither Freedom Technology is available from Total Saddle Fit, and it has a retail price of $189. A flex tree saddle has bars that are flexible, allowing the saddle to flex with the horse. Find your fit ❯ Performance Panel Technology Look beneath your saddle and see the thoughtful design that is key for your horse to move naturally. So, I went to a professional bike fitter equipped with GebioMized pressure mapping tech to select the correct saddle for my butt (pelvis actually), and to dial in its optimal position… When combined with EQ tree fitting science and panel technology, there are never pressure points beneath the discs. SADDLE FIT AND TECHNOLOGY How Technological Advances are Changing the Way Saddles are Fitted Many tools have been developed over the years to assist in the diagnosis of saddle fit, however, as ‘sexy’ as they are, they are just that – tools – providing information that exemplifies the situation at a given moment. Ron holds many patents for his saddle technology, including the advanced flexible tree on his Pegasus jumping and dressage saddles. Saddlefit4Life® is excited to be introducing a new language for saddle fitting, one that takes anatomy, research and evidence into account to provide the horse and rider with the correct fit to prevent long-term damage. A top of the line saddle that uses cutting edge research and technology to provide the greatest freedom possible for both horse and rider. We use this technology to determine precisely where the saddle pressures the back, enabling a comprehensive saddle fitting experience! Two screens are displayed simultaneously: The first screen displays the pressure under the saddle. In an emergency, you can quickly cap or repair a pipe by simply slipping on a push-fit fitting. Three part saddle construction Reinventing the bicycle saddle. Emphasis is on determining a riders center of gravity using pressure mapping and video analysis. About Total Saddle Fit. In addition, all SQlab saddle models are also available with active technology, which provides more comfort and efficiency and is back-friendly at the same time. This cooling effect gives some of the oddest sweat patterns I’ve ever seen. If the front of the saddle is high, the tree may be too narrow. Our highly experienced bike fit technicians can advise on the correct saddle for you using cutting edge pressure mapping technology. Good fit begins in the barn aisle, but it doesn’t end there. com is excited to launch its new live Virtual Saddle Fitting Program that allows you to discuss your saddling needs and goals with an expert- all you need is an internet connection! It is widely known now that the saddle must fit to properly function as a tool to communicate with your horse. The technology that makes up HART has been proven to be transformative for both horse and rider: Protective cushioning: CAIR Cushion System; Precision custom fit: EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution A saddle with Living Bar® Fit Technology will self adjust to fit many different types of equines in real time, and easy seat sizing and movable stirrup position means any rider can mount up and be balanced. They are built to last a lifetime while facilitating longer, healthier, happier hours of riding. pn® — performance narrow pl® — performance long ps® — performance short pr® — performance recreation pm® — performance mountain A satellite the size of a small suitcase, ASTERIA was designed to demonstrate the technology needed for a tiny telescope to search for exoplanets by detecting the minuscule dip in a star’s light I love how the saddles all have Horse and Rider Technology (HART), making for a quick and easy change for us to fit the saddles to all of our horses. After your initial saddle fit, we recommend that you have the fit of your saddle checked within the first three months, as it will settle in the head during the initial riding period, as is standard with all new saddles. They’re based on the same racing-inspired technology used in ISM Saddles, LLC, the recognized leader of modern saddle design. There’s Fit:Match, a contactless apparel shopping experience setting up shop in numerous Brookfield Properties locations this fall. Also, we do saddle fittings and saddle fit The new Tactilus Equestrics ® sensor is a capable alternative to saddle-buying and fitting by trial and error, hit or miss. 5 cm (about 1. The fitting cushions are available in 3 different sizes and allow you to independently adjust each side of the saddle. Based on the depth of the hip area this would be considered a significant amount of heat output. Unable to find a saddle to fit Strada, David began researching the design of saddles and was inspired into looking for a way to make a more comfortable saddle to reduce back problems with horses. Single Flap – The single flap allows the rider greater feel and contact with the whole leg on the horse which results in the use of lighter aids, a better seat and a more subtle communication between horse and rider. It is light weight, so it is easier to lift and handle. Flexible bars work like the arch support of a shoe; they provide the correct fit while the flexibility allows unrestricted movement and bend away from pressure. feather/knife edged), tissue management around the area in question Many Prologo saddles of recent time have featured ‘CPC’ technology. We pride ourselves in offering the best professional service for you and your horse, using the latest technology to support our saddle fitting. Can I fit my saddle myself? No, because the first saddle fitting involves a detailed bio-mechanical analysis to optimise the position. They have a professional technology, excellent products, h Saddle tilt: In most cases, it best to position your saddles so it’s parallel to the ground. If there is no new saddle on the horizon, there IS one thing you CAN DO to IMPROVE the fit comfort of the saddle you currently own! Instead of a big cash outlay, it only requires a very small investment plus a little time and new understanding…costs way less and works amazingly well as a temporary solution. Saddle designer Ron Friedson provides in-depth analysis of the art and science of saddle fit for both horse and rider. Saddle constructionThe Discover what is possible in a saddle with the power to transform your position your horse’s freedom of movement your connection adjustability over time. Specialized’s women’s-specific Mimic technology caused a stir when it was launched in 2018, not only due to the popularity of the Power saddle it was incorporated into, but for the company’s A good saddle fitter can identify problems with saddle fit based on their eye and touch and by measuring and tracing the horse’s withers and back but I thought if we had the technology to really see the pressure and how it was fitting why not give it a shot. But today, as technology becomes more affordable, they’ve become accessible to saddle fitters, trainers, and riders. The WTB Fit Right System uses a simple method to determine personalized saddle fit. EQ Saddle Science™ is organized to provide a better outcome for horses and riders than conventional tack allows, with a customer service ethic that is second to none. We hope you join the movement. +1 (310) 538-1111 × Button Saddle fit is incredibly important for any cyclist. We anticipate that this technology and our mobile application will revolutionize saddle fitting. Being a vet, Jenn already had a few in mind to try out and to test the theory about the use of technology in saddle fitting. And that is just scratching the surface. The reform Saddle completes the ultimate bike fit so you can elevate your riding. Profile defines the shape of the saddle; Flat, for the most aggressive riding positions through to Radius, for sitting upright. With six fitting pockets, this unique pad offers more shimming options than any other pad and outperforms the antiqued 4 pocket pads in every aspect. He will use this technology to find your optimum position on your saddle and to reduce discomfort and eliminate numbness. 4. For the ultimate shock absorption, weight distribution and orthopedic benefits, Sedelogic offers a new line of uniquely re-moldable custom fit saddle pads with a thin, sturdy layer of breathable thermoplastic providing the perfect fit for every horse. Our saddles offer exceptional quality at a moderate price, with the NEW CAIR technology, AND great for all around pleasure/trail riding! We have taken the problem "fit" out of the saddle equation for your friesian horse! --Slow Adoption: Nearly 80 percent of brands and retailers are not using size and fit recommendation technology, despite the majority (53 percent) stating that determining fit and size was a * Lightweight close contact saddle. com, mainly located in Segmental Saddle Plates shall be used on station pipework designed to operate at less than 50% of min. Saddle trees or bars come in various widths and may have special features. . SLEEK REAR. This saddle is your answer to a good fitting saddle for your friesian. Bates Stock Saddles ensure both horse and rider can enjoy unprecedented comfort, balance, and security eve The science of fit and ergonomics underpins everything the American brand does. The gel bladders are shaped and situated to fit under the bars of the saddle and keep pressure off the spine. Cutting Edge Technology A Revolutionary Saddle Fitting Tool! Schleese is excited to announce the introduction of a revolutionary new saddle fitting tool, The HorseShape Laser®, which measures the horse’s back. the best saddle-fit An easy-to-use system that includes everything you need to fit saddles to practically any horse, any rider Real-time feedback about pressure points at any location in the contact region Cost-effective and reliable system operation Wireless capability Also available in stretchable fabric Perfecting the Interface Between Press-Fit at a Glance. The primary consideration for the rider of a treeless saddle is the seat size. • Reach to the Handlebars Too Long: If you have to reach too far to the bars the tendency for some riders is to lock their arms and push way back on the saddle. Achieving dynamic fit on the moving horse is the ultimate challenge in saddle design. Advanced Saddle Fit imports British-made saddles and equestrian accessories for your horse. Equestrians no longer need to guess about saddle fit, they can finally "Slay the Saddle Fitting Dragon" using Saddletech Measurement Technology and use any saddle they want within reason, because the horse is protected by the “SADDLETECH ORTHOTIC”. Available in all Ariat® kids' boots. Tips to Improve Your Comfort in the Saddle Technology & Materials: Wintec saddles now feature HART technology, proven to be transformative for horse and rider. The result is a patent-pending matrix of 14,000 struts and 7,799 nodes, each of which can be tuned individually. The honeycomb in the pad pushes air down into the horse’s back as your body weight comes down into the saddle and then pulls air back up as your weight rises back up. I love sharing my knowledge as a trainer and accredited healer to help clients thrive. Light and strong, it turns out to be resistant to all weather conditions. Our horses are a wide range from narrow Thoroughbreds to chunky big Warmbloods so being able to change the gullet and balance in the saddle makes my life easier and the h Leading The Way for Car Audio Engineering Since 2010 Kicker – a world leader in car audio technology – has featured FIT™ in many of their high performance amplifiers. Computerized saddle pressure measuring equipment is now available, bringing science and technology to the saddle industry (Saddle Tech; Equitech, Woodside, CA). You want to see how the saddle fits your horse directly. Contact SADDLETECH Robert Ferrand, Inventor 650-343-9976 Can it reduced saddle fit problems and pressure points? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES, if it is an EquiPedic ® Saddle Pad! There is no other saddle pad like it! EquiPedic, Inc. Take a look at what is under all the pretty leather to ensure a good fit. Only Circle Y has this Flex2® design to ensure safety and rider weight distribution while remaining light weight. With every saddle fitting we use Thermal Imagery, so we can easily and quickly assess a saddle for fit and make adjustments for rider balance and horse comfort. Our patented fluid technology optimizes on-bike feel, and our 30-Day Unconditional Guarantee lets you shop for a Bontrager saddle with peace of mind. The technology and fit of this pad was perfected and has been a first choice for riders for fifteen years. The saddle should vertically clar the horse's wither when the rider is sittingon the saddle. The saddle must also clear the horse's spine and sith with an equal bearing surface at the front and rear. The EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution is the first total saddle fitting solution empowering riders to custom fit their saddle in minutes. TW Saddlery has customers and sales representatives around the world Professional’s Choice® Saddle Pad Technology Professional’s Choice® is always researching science and technology to create new and update current saddle pad design. Buy online your professional equipment and high-end design made in the best French leathers. There's no denying the incredible technology behind this saddle and the fact it's probably just the beginning of Every body is different. Pelvic contact condition matters Discover what is possible in a saddle with the power to transform your position your horse’s freedom of movement your connection adjustability over time. There are 2,735 suppliers who sells saddle fitting on Alibaba. 95. Ideally, then the horse is able to move under the saddle, because it has a flexible tree that will move with them. Sedelogic Technology. All individuals wishing to engage with weVENTURE as a client must fill out SBA form 641 annually. Understanding what good fit means requires a bit more understanding of the design technology of saddles. Leading technology offers unsurpassed fit, comfort and performance for what you demand in a stock saddle for your horses. Trek is now using this technology with a simplified/Trek-brand software to determine saddle selection and as the basis for all bike-fitting protocols. With equine events getting tougher and the competition rising people are looking for an affordable saddle that is both comfortable The Flex2® saddle is a popular choice in a variety of disciplines because it’s unlike any other saddle available today. At ere we think it’s our job to provide the saddle fitter and bike fitter with the right tools to help them create the perfect setup for a rider. In 2014 we opened our Saddle Service Center in Ocala, FL to bring this experience and knowledge to owners of older saddles and other brands. The method with absolutely no scientific backing, but quite possibly the most common way to set someones saddle height. Schatzberg said with the adjustable stirrup bars, slightly forward knee flaps and the movable hinges, the saddles can sit more forward on the horse’s shoulders without interfering with shoulder movement. Discover what is possible in a saddle with the power to transform your position your horse’s freedom of movement your connection adjustability over time. In the top image there is an increase in heat output in the left hip and sacro-iliac region relative to the right side. Saddle Fitting Repairs Maintanence Barefoot Trimming Custom Saddles Kentucky Louisville Lexington Fit Saddles Horse Comfortzone Saddle Fit CALL US: 817-948-1829 HOME The SQlab stepped saddle system creates more space for sensitive areas due to the lowered saddle nose - for men and women alike. PERFECT FIT. If your saddle comes with a HART badge, it has the following features: Protective cushioning: CAIR Cushion System; Precision custom fit: EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution; Ergonomic flex: Elastiflex Tree; Free movement: Performance panel Bates Stock Saddles build upon traditional design, focused on horse and rider comfort to ensure cutting edge performance with world-leading saddle Innovations and technology never previously seen in stock saddles. Specialized Saddles was created to solve the problem of getting good saddle fit on any horse and to create a saddle that is really comfortable for the rider. Product Details: A Saddle Fitting Curve is a flexible 17" long device to measure a horse's withers for proper saddle tree fitting Developed from the horse’s back up, the Comfort-Fit SMx Air Ride Saddle Pad is contoured to follow the curve of the horse’s spine. Carbon rail with a ceramic coating to protect the seat post clamping area against point stress & scratches ø7x9 mm. WIVA is a technology that measures saddle pressure. Saddles. To meet the needs of Endurance Riders and Trail and Gaited horse owners who want to achieve better saddle fit The fit system uses closed cell foam fitting cushions that are attached to the tree. The Gel-Cush bar pad is inserted between the bar and the saddle skirt to absorb shock and increase comfort and fit for the horse. Wide swells and a 5" cantle combined with roughout hardseat and fenders make a secure seat. Our dynamic bike fitting concepts were developed in cooperation with the University of Muenster, and are now used in more than 25 countries throughout the world. For more information about our product line, saddle fit guidance, problem-solving, our test ride program – financing options or order procedures Each EquineLUX ™ saddle pad model is made of 3 to 5 distinct layers of fabrics and materials combined in a way that is both innovative and technologically advanced. Aidan is now using WIVA saddle fitting technology to fit clients for their saddle. Pipe Support of Sleeper Under the Saddle shall be designed to accommodate full axial movement of the pipeline and saddle. Judith Bowens is the managing director of the FIT DTech Lab, managing business operations and project initiatives. The image above shows a rider’s hot spots before molding the saddle and a significant reduction after the molding is complete. We use high-performance foam padding, contoured to provide optimal cushioning and anatomical support. Ideal for trail riding, breaking or working on your station. why is a well fitted bridle so imported? why is a well fitted bridle so imported? Computer technology is now available to accurately determine the fit of a saddle with or without a pad. saddle fit At Fabric we link your riding position to the saddle profile you need. Saddle fit for the rider is equally important as saddle fit for the horse. We believe that a saddle fit should be done by a bike-fit professional. CARBON FIBER The must-have pad for all English Riders. The measurements used to craft your Stübben Custom saddle will be unique to you. Change saddles and see if a better fit is possible (unlikely) 2. At BikeFit, we built a fitting tool called the Saddle Changer that quickly and easily allows you to test as many saddles as you’d like by sitting on them. Recently, I tested Fizik’s Adaptive saddle, which, like this Specialized S-Works Power with Mirror saddle, uses technology from Californian company Carbon 3D in place of traditional foam padding Saddle pressure mats used to be one of the great tools reserved for equitation scientists. After all, we use advanced technology in veterinary diagnostics, supplement creation and development, and even through the use of apps to track our rides, our horse’s conditioning and progress, and so much more. You might see the same thing with a young horse that has not matured. The profile of the horse is measured to establish the width of the saddle and the shape of the head iron. Well, no matter what technology you use, and what material choice you make, a lot of it still comes back to the basics: how good is the preparation of the tooth, including the overall smoothness of the preparation and marginal consistency and design (chamfer vs. The flexibility 'enhances' an already proper fit, it doesn't attempt to create it. Whether you canter or lope, our saddles are designed to enhance horse and rider performance through optimal balance, fit and quality. It is only possible to understand pressures and forces under the saddle by using tools that measure while the rider is in the saddle. This saddle can change to accommodate. Saddle Fit 101 with CSI Saddle Pads August 28, 2019 Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist Rhonda Martin shares her favorite tips for saddling your horse with a CSI Sadlle Pad. And the many possibilities of what we can do with them are, according to one researcher, “fascinating. OMNI-FIT® Technology OMNI-FIT® technology is a set of mechanical engineering designs used to reduce the cost and downtime of packed tower revamps. In addition to our measurement technology, we also provide courses on different levels and in different languages to the international bike fitting scene. Changing discs takes minutes, and allows the saddle to follow changes in a horse’s body. The result is the ReactorPanel® technology that began its development in 1992 and is proudly used today in RP saddles. The seat is covered with a soft, yet durable polyurethane leather fabric to ensure that it outlasts other saddles. Learn more about adjusting the saddle, and other bike-fit tips, in our article, Bike Fitting Basics. Technology and saddle fitting 2020 we are excited to introduced and integrate technology with saddle fitting, rider, horse symmetry and biomechanics by analyzing with the pressure mapping system and stride tracker system. Have a custom saddle maker fit and make a saddletree to fit the horse. Equipped with Horse And Rider Technology (HART), the line of Arena Saddles has an exchangeable gullet system, which means the saddle could change to fit my horse as he grew.   While people have been riding horses since before the invention of the wheel, the debate about how to 'fit' saddles has only intensified with recent advances in technology. * Custom saddles, built to fit the rider’s specific needs. Quality Fasteners. Separate yourself from other fitters in your market. The latest version of our technology, SmartRide Rx, can actually be therapeutic. The technology and fit of Impact Gel saddle pads was perfected and has been a first choice for riders for fifteen years. Saddles may have been around for hundreds of years, but advances in modern technology are changing how we make and fit them. Determine appropriate saddle widths. bisco industries is a premier stocking distributor for Fastener Innovation Technology (FIT). The majority of horses are asymmetrical and this feature makes it possible to precisely fit theses horses. schleese. The DIY saddle can be custom fit on-site by one of our Certified Saddle Ergonomists (CSE), Certified Schleese Saddle Representative (CSSR), virtually with one of our saddle fit expert support staff, or by the rider on his/her own using this fitting system. Pads like Supracor with their honeycomb technology create sweat patterns of all different kinds. Natural fibers, such as wool, have a natural sweat-wicking and recoil ability. 5 kg [ 7. The range has been carefully designed by saddle makers and riders alike, to ensure comfort and performance. Getting it right truly can be a science, not just a mysterious art or a guessing game. Fit for the Horse. Just the same, a cheap $50 saddle CAN fit better than a $20,000 one, just like a 100 yr old saddle CAN fit better than one with modern technology and materials. If the front of the saddle is low, the tree may be too It uses the latest pressure-mapping technology to determine your optimal saddle width—improving fit and making long days on the bike much more manageable. Holmbros Saddles are made using the latest in materials and construction methods of Carbon fiber composite technology and skills. When placed on a horse’s back for 20 minutes with the girth on, the technology has consistently demonstrated an ability to significantly reduce or completely eradicate back pain and create a state of deep relaxation. Junior Fit - The Cyclologic Junior Fit (for riders 17 years old and younger) is a 90 minute session in our industry leading studio. The Benefits of a Flex Tree Saddle. A Certified Equine Ergonomist is someone who will be able to accurately assess: The fit of the saddle to the rider Advanced Saddle Fit, Marlborough, New Hampshire. THE PERFECT REFLECTION OF YOU. When all else fails, you may need a different saddle with a better fit. Innovation is part of our legacy, and the thoughtful design and technology behind our products are what makes them unique. The raised back section provides more rearward support and ensures efficient power transmission by providing optimal pressure distribution within the ischial rami. Traditional saddles don’t allow for this as generously as ours do. He/she can offer advice and fit the correct saddle that is in line with the overall bike fit. The saddles are a wonderful blend of artistry and technology. Technology has started to play a huge part when it comes to saddle performance, and some of the best technology available when it comes to saddles comes from the XCH saddle series by GFS. (can be expensive) 3. Paraic McGlynn has tranformed Trek’s fitting program, into a major Industry competitor. Saddles are designed to be adjusted on site by a qualifed PHS Saddle Fitter. For the rest of us, we've had to compromise. 3. There are lots of different shapes, widths, and types of saddles available that can help alleviate discomfort. Takeaway: As in solving every other type of puzzle, the crux of the matter is pattern recognition. The horse is then connected to a laptop computer with a quick-release long line. If you live in an area a PHS saddle fitter cannot get to, online remote fitting services are also available. WOMEN’S POWER SADDLE WITH MIMIC Saddle pressure makes riding bikes a real pain—literally. However, even the most comfortable saddles require a fit procedure to ensure riders end up on their ideal saddle. Along with huge datasets courtesy of its bike fitting technology in conjunction with Retul, Specialized now produces a range of saddles that hope to cater for every cyclist and every discipline of By combining the latest technology with decades of experience, we're able to provide you with the best saddle for your horse in your world. Again, this is nothing new. Let me start by saying that there are some benefits for a owning and riding a flex tree saddle. Peter has successfully incorporated his StrideFree design into his Dressage, Jumping and Endurance saddles. The technology that makes up HART has been proven to be transformative for both horse and rider: Protective cushioning: CAIR Cushion System; Precision custom fit: EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution The first saddle to be developed was the “Strada” dressage saddle, named after David’s older horse and reason for exploring saddle design. The Winderen Saddle Half Pad with Back Protect Solution technology was designed to make you feel relaxed in the saddle while protecting both your and your horse’s back. “In my view, successful saddle fitting depends upon developing a capacity for accurate pattern recognition in horses and saddles rather than reliance on a list Pressure sensing technology is not a new concept. Biotech companies like ScanTek have built medical scanning pads for years and I remember thinking about how to transfer this technology to bike fitting over 10 years ago. Fitting the Rider: Saddles come in a variety of seat and flap or fender sizes and Our past years of conventional Saddle fitting using the Dennis Lane Equine Card System generated a large database of equine back shapes and observations and lessons learned from fitting their saddles. A wide variety of saddle fitting options are available to you, such as casting, forged. Even after such a saddle has been built for a horse, our experts in Malibu can pull in the gullet and flatten the bars to make it fit a mule. com The saddles not only have the hinged tree for custom adjustment, the saddles are designed to fit either a short or long-backed horse. This technology goes back to the Middle Ages. And that is just scratching the surface. They are extra strong and lightweight, usually weighing under 3. The SQlab stepped saddle system creates more space for sensitive areas due to the lowered saddle nose - for men and women alike. Pro Rodeo Results Wrap-up: Wade and Saebens Rocket into Top 15 after Big Money Weekend; Dees and Siggins Dominate Caldwell and More August 20, 2019 Since 1986, when Jochen Schleese first began manufacturing saddles, Schleese Saddlery Service of Holland Landing, ON, has been at the forefront of English saddle fitting technology and education, particularly when it comes to female equestrians. Jet-spray technology that creates a dual-layer structure: the soft inner layer delivers just the right amount of comfort whilst the external waterproof layer offers total protection. The computer sensor pad consists of 256 pressure-sensitive ink sensors in a 61 × 68-cm sheet of flexible material. In addition, all SQlab saddle models are also available with active technology, which provides more comfort and efficiency and is back-friendly at the same time. The Air Saddle Pad Korrector is the revolutionary new saddle pad which using air and foam technology, can be adjusted by the rider to give full day to day control of the fit of their saddle on one or more horses. Otherwise, you will likely have to buy several saddles over the course of your horse’s lifetime to make sure the fit remains optimal. Infrared saddle fitting showing uniform pressure and an excellent fit. Read More Every rider nurtures a unique and special connection with their horse, a connection that is built on trust. Not every saddle pad is created the same. […] . saddle fit technology